Iannis Xenakis

‘Iannis Xenakis’
(unattributed photograph)

‘What is rhythm? It consists of chosen points along an axis, namely, the axis of time. The musician measures time as the walker counts milestones. The same thing is found in architecture–with a facade, for example. And piano keys are also architecture. They are regulated in a constant manner. In one case it is a matter of time, and in the other, of space. So there is a correspondence between the two. And this is possible because there is an underlying mental structure which mathematicians call an “order structure”.’
Iannis Xenakis in “Science and Music: An Interview with Iannis Xenakis.”  The UNESCO Courier:  Music on the Move. Apr. 1986: p.4-7

Further resources
A website maintained by the friends of Xenakis association – here
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