Eliane Radigue

Eliane Radigue
(unattributed photograph)

A portrait of Eliane Radigue, produced by the Austrian IMA (Institute for Media Archeology), which observes Eliane in her workspace, operating the ARP and talking about the process of composing and recording.

The DVD can be purchased on the IMA’s website here:

“I like to have just the audience with the loudspeakers around them. Carefully, I adjust the sound in the rehearsal space beforehand so that the people are able to listen as well as possible everywhere. I don’t like the idea of “you sit here in the middle; this is the best place.” For me, this is not right. Everywhere you should have something” [p.52]

“I have heard beautiful music made with a digital synthesizer, but I made the music I wanted to make, and I have been happy with the music I have been doing the past twenty-five, almost thirty years. To make music, I should use the same technique, really, because I think that analog sounds have a special life-quality. I used to say, it is just like the skin. We have skin which is not absolutely perfect. No skin is absolutely perfect, but when you touch the skin it has some of the quality of life-ness. When you touch a balloon or glass, this is another feeling. To me, digital sounds have this perfect – too perfect – quality. There are not enough defects.” [p.60] 

Quotes from ‘Very Slowly From the Inside’, a 1998 interview with Eliane Radigue by Ian Nagoski

Further resources
Morning Concert: Interview with Eliane Radigue, December 11th 1980 – here
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