Max Eastley

Max Eastley
(unattributed photograph)

‘The Clocks of the Midnight Hours’
Max Eastley
From a programme made for Channel 4 by Simon Reynell. Broadcast in 1989

“Music is defined in a technological way by recording. This is something that I found when I first started to use recordings of the work I do. If it’s on a CD, it will be heard as music whereas if you hear them out in the environment, there’s something else going on – it’s organic, not fixed or edited. This was a huge dilemma for me when I first started recording things because I thought, ‘this is not the actual work’ but in a sense, it’s like a photograph of the work.  […]Maybe music is the personal touch and maybe the other things I do are very impersonal: with the kinetic things, you can’t look at them and say that you know [anything about] the personality that made them but, with the music, you can sense me as an emotional, feeling person.”

Max Eastley interviewed in 2007 by Tony Gibbs
p48, Gibbs, T., ‘The Fundamentals of Sonic Art & Sound Design’ AVA Publishing SA, 2007.
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