Walter Marchetti

Walter Marchetti
(unattributed photograph)

HS: You’ve said here [points to WM’s aphoristic text: Chronicles Of An Absent Minded Tourist…] that “the musical composer always acts within the realm of dominion”…

WM: Of course, of course. It’s true. And even when I wrote pieces for many instruments it was [in order] to give the idea of not doing what one person tells you to do. So I made suggestions in the scores enabling people to do whatever they want to do and not my idea of music. In one piece, for example, I said that instead of playing a note you write a note and then play it! [laughs].

From ‘A Conversation with Walter Marchetti’ by Howard Slater for Mute Magazine, more here.

De  “Arpocrate  Seduto  Sul  Loto,”  Madrid,  1965-66

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