Carlos Chávez

Carlos Chávez
(unattributed photograph)

“The electronic apparatus of sound production will facilitate the constant and inevitable development of music in its own unique expression… and will provide the medium through which music will find new forms of circulation.”

 (Chavez, 1975)


Xochipilli (1940)
Carlos Chávez.
Una musica azteca immaginaria, per 4 fiati e percussioni (1940).
La Camerata (Panamerican Chamber Players) e Tambuco Percussion Ensemble diretti da Eduardo Mata.

Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra (1938/1940)
Carlos Chávez
Eugene List, pianoforte
Vienna State Opera Orchestra diretta da Carlos Chávez
I. Largo non troppo – Allegro agitato
II. Molto lento
III. Allegro

Further resources
Chavez, C., 1937. Toward a New Music: Music and Electricity. New York: De Capo Press – here
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