François and Bernard Baschet

The Lasry Baschet performance group as they appeared in a photoshoot for ‘Life’ magazine (1963)

“My brother Bernard and I want to make a synthesis of the following three elements: shapes, sounds, public participation. We make shapes and objects with which music can be produced manually – that is without electricity or electronics. Therefore anyone can play them. […] We feel that in our present-day, computer-card civilization, the public must find new ways of expression. In our performances, whenever it is possible, we invite the public to play. Reactions are very diverse. I encountered some people in a Scandinavian museum watching others playing with the instruments. ‘Are you looking at the structures?’ I asked. ‘No,’ they said. ‘We are watching the public. We have never seen so many Scandinavians so happy without being drunk.’

(Baschet, F. 1969)

‘Manege’ (c.1968)
Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet – N° 4

‘Piano with Two Ears’
François and Bernard Baschet
(ood, steel, iron, aluminum alloy)
48 x 27 inches

“We took a certain risk when we decided to stop concentrating on art aimed at the collector. But when we watch the reaction of people as they discover our sound structures, as well as their own artistic and personal potential, we know the risk was worth it. We are asked why we don’t use electronics. We think there is more poetry, more sincerity, in natural sounds. All natural sounds – bells, bird song, echoes among the mountains -are connected to some unconscious memory. 

Electronic music is to acoustical music what chemistry is to cooking. It is acoustical music that nourishes the soul.”

(Baschet, F)

‘Hemisfair Musical Fountain’
François and Bernard Baschet

‘Aluminum Piano’ (1962)
François and Bernard Baschet

Further resources
Association Structure Sonores Baschet & Pedagogie – here
The Baschet brothers website – here
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