Luc Ferrari

Luc Ferrari
(unattributed photograph)

[audio|titles=Music Promenade – Luc Ferrari (1969)|width=600%]

‘Music Promenade’ (August 1969)
Stereo mix from the four tracks version of the original sound installation
Luc Ferrari

‘Boulez seemed to me to be a guy who wrote laws. Like a company lawyer. (Smiles) I didn’t like that very much, because I felt more at home with freedom, working on intuition. What do I want, what do I really want? Seeing if that corresponded to a norm or not didn’t strike me as an interesting problem. So I quickly moved away from that, and since I was more on Schaeffer’s side than on the electronic music side, people didn’t hang out with me all that much! When the Domaine Musical started up, I wasn’t part of it. They were the major players in contemporary music at that time, braodcasting old and new composers’ work. And I wasn’t one of them.’

(Luc Ferrari, interviewed by Dan Warburton, 1998)

Further resources
Luc Ferrari website – here
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