Tristram Cary

Tristram Cary conducting his ‘Divertimento for Olivetti machines, Chorus and Percussion’ (1973)
(unattributed photograph)


‘Divertimento for Olivetti machines, Chorus and Percussion’ (1973)
Performance Tape (Section Two)
Tristram Cary (commissioned by Olivetti)

‘there was a serious argument between Cologne and Paris, Herbert Eimert, not much of a composer, but he started a studio in Cologne and Stockhausen then starred in it, so to speak, but Eimert was saying ‘We are the true word, because we used pure electronics, we use nothing but sine waves, and true electronic music has to be built of sine waves. In Paris they mess about with noises. They record steam engines, they do silly things’. And it was a silly argument really, because they’re both perfectly valid, and for myself, I’ve always — if I do something instrumentally or with a concrete method of recording signs, or electronics, or mixing it all up, you know, I never saw the validity of going down one stream and claiming that this is the only way to go.’

Tristram Cary during a radio interview (11th February 2006 radio interview)


‘The Little Island’ (1958)
Director: Richard Williams
Composer: Tristram Cary

The EMS studio
(unattributed photograph)

The Powerhouse Museum’s extended notes on Tristram Cary:
2006 capture of Tristram Cary’s website including CV and works:
Quietus article on Tristram Cary, by Robert Barry:
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