Arvo Pärt

‘Arvo Pärt’
Photograph: Kauppo Kikkas
(used with kind permission of Kaupo Kikkas)

“Everyone who writes serial music thinks that the more complex the structure, the stronger and better it is. But that’s not right: it’s the other way around. Why is Webern’s music so highly regarded by contemporary composers? Because it’s so simple; disciplined and rigorous, but simple. (That isn’t to say that there aren’t also very complex things in his music.) Unfortunately however, composers often think that because they think a lot they have something to say. They don’t realise that they have almost nothing to say. Underneath all this complexity there is only a lack of wisdom and no truth. The truth is very simple; earnest people understand that to be so. Those who are not earnest, or who are utterly mistaken, don’y understand it and they translate their mistakes into their music.”

pp131 , ‘An Interview with Arvo Pärt’ – Jamie McCarthy and Arvo Pärt. The Musical Times. Vol. 130, No. 1753 (Mar., 1989)

’24 Preludes for a Fugue’
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