Acousmata – – Thomas Patteson’s research blog.

Avantgarde Project –

Continuo – – launched in September 2007 inspired by rare and forgotten music posted on obscure blogs all over the world.

Daphne Oram – – items from the Daphne Oram archive

Ear Room – – interviews exploring the use of sound in artistic practice. – – home to Daniel Jones, UK-based artist, designer and programmer.

Everyday Listening – – home to Hugo Verweij and his posts about sound art, creative sound design projects and sound installations.

Holy Warbles –

Miraculous Agitations – – Virtual home of the composer & writer, Dan Wilson.

The Mire – – The weblog of the Wire magazine.

Mutant Sounds – – presentation and contextualization of outré, obscure, and out-of-print recordings.

Nonsequitur – – Supporting a wide range of adventurous music and sound art through recordings, performances, and exhibitions since 1989.

Notes from a Fruit Store – – Architecture, music and more.

The Rambler – – blog dedicated to experimental music and modern composition by Tim Rutherford-Johnson

The Rest is Noise – – books, articles and a blog by the music critic of the New Yorker.

Rouge’s Foam – – excellent wide ranging contemporary music blog, set against a background of musicology research.

Shozyg – – a blog about electronic, concrete, exotic, improvised, informal, experimental music, sound sculpture and sonic/sound art of the postwar.

Sonic Warfare – – Sonic Warfare: sound, affect & the ecology of fear by Steve Goodman.

Transcendental Empiricism –
Uaxuctum – – Out-of-print and hard-to-find LPs, EPs, tapes & 7″s.

Wolf Fifth – – Rare vinyl records from the golden era of avantgarde and experimental music.

R A D I O  /  S T R E A M S

Knut Auferman –

Live Stream from under the Antarctic Ice –

Resonance FM –

The Sounds of Science-

S O U N D   A R C H I V E S

Animal Sound Archive (Tierstimmenarchiv) of the Humboldt-Universität, Berlin –

Borror Library of Bioacoustics –

British Library Archival Sound Recordings –

California Library of Natural Sounds –

Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s MacCauley Library of Natural Sounds –

FonoZoo –

Ocean Conservation Research Sound Library –

Western Soundscape Archive –

World Soundscape Project –

Xeno-Canto –

S C I E N C E  /  S O U N D

90 Degrees South –

Earth Sounds –

Fish Sounds of New England –

Listening to Birds –

Orca Live –

Radio Sounds from Saturn –

Sons de Mar –

Space Audio –

The Song of Dunes –

Scripps Institute Whale Acoustics Center –

Whale Song –

Sun Rings / NASA / Terry Riley / Kronos Quartet –

The sounds of the Cicada swarms of 2004. –


Acoustic Environments in Change –

S O U N D   M A P S
BBC Save Our Sounds –

Cinco Cidades Soundmap –

Hudson Valley Sound and Story Project –

London Sound Survey –

Mississauga Sound Map –

Montreal Sound Map –

New York Sound Map –

Open Sound New Orleans –

Radio Aporee –

The Silence –

Sounds of New York –

S O U N D   W A L K S

A Sound Walk across California –

Memoryscapes –


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